How UniHow works

1. Send the survey

Through UniHow, surveys can be sent, for example, to student groups or students participating in a specific course. Surveys in the UniHow system will be mainly constructed as Likert scale questionnaires – the respondents specify their level of agreement or disagreement on a symmetric agree-disagree scale for a series of statements. The statements have been constructed and will connect to certain theoretical dimensions emerging in the research on quality learning and teaching at the university. The written feedback is similarly developed by the experts in study psychology, student learning and university teaching.

2. Data is ready to use

The UniHow application analyses the data received from a survey and calculates the variables (individual answers in relation to the focus group etc.). This data can also be exported to further applications for a more thorough analysis. The data can be utilized, for example, in the development of education. The system can also be linked to the institution’s student information system, in which case other indicators of academic success can also be added to the data.

3. Enjoy the feedback

The UniHow application sends the surveyee individualised feedback giving them a research-based evaluation on the answers and further advice on their learning processes. The feedback varies individually based on the data received from the survey. The feedback focuses, for example, on the surveyee’s challenges regarding the studying or teaching process, and gives advice on how to examine these processes. Through the feedback, both the surveyees and the conductors of the survey receive valuable information on the studying and teaching processes and can further develop the quality of teaching and learning.