Funidata develops UniHow in close co-operation with the University of Helsinki

Helsingin yliopisto ja Funidata ovat jo pitkään tehneet yhteistyötä UniHow-järjestelmän parissa.

The University of Helsinki and Funidata have worked together on the UniHow system for a long time already. In 2021, Funidata began to fully manage the system’s infrastructure and operations as well as its software development. Funidata will continue their close co-operation with the University of Helsinki.

The infrastructure and operations were transferred to Funidata successfully and without disturbance to users. Currently Funidata is learning more about UniHow and looking for a joint way of working for further planning and development. Funidata is also working on ensuring that UniHow would be available for new, prospective customers in the future.

“It has been very interesting to learn more about UniHow, and our co-operation with the University of Helsinki has been very good. It would be great to see UniHow gain even more users in the future,” says Product Owner Eeva Saari from Funidata.