UniHow introduced in University of Helsinki

UniHow was successfully introduced in University of Helsinki in autumn 2018 as the HowULearn survey was sent to all students starting their Bachelor studies.

HowULearn is part of the UniHow product family that provides tools for conducting learning surveys for e.g. student groups and teachers. The valuable data can then be used for the development of teaching.

Students reflect on HowULearn

Students found the HowULearn survey and feedback useful.

–The survey got me thinking what kind of a student am I. It was interesting to see my responses correlated with the responses of other students.

–The feedback was surprisingly abundant and educational. The data was structured and made easy to absorb, said one of the students after completing the questionnaire.

–It might be a bit tricky to change one’s studying habits but I will be trying these tips soon, another student said. One also pointed out that HowULearn has affected the way the student used their time.

The feedback provides the student with an opportunity to see their responses correlating to the responses of other participants. This was a feature that was praised by many.

–Seeing your responses in comparison with others motivates you.

Development of UniHow progressing as expected

The basic functionalities of UniHow are now completed. Students can take part in questionnaires and view the feedback they receive. Those who use training programmes can manage the surveys, examine survey summaries and transfer the survey data to statistical programmes. The application can also be used for creating and modifying new questionnaire templates.

New features will be added to HowULearn templates in spring 2019. You will be able to add questions that are specific to a training programme or a questionnaire. The new functionality will enable the gathering of research-based data on students’ study processes. It will also provide data on student experiences specific to an educational programme. All that data can then be combined using the new functionality in HowULearn.